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Jesus not only commanded his followers to love, he said the world would be able to pick them out of a crowd because love would be their defining characteristic. People are ready for conversations on matters of life and faith and we get their attention with love. If we are to reach the world for Jesus, we need to step up our love.

I’m Committed to Being Questionable.

I'm Committed

Over the last several years, the number of “religiously unaffiliated” people has dramatically increased in our culture and while many may see this as a cause of alarm, it is actually a fantastic thing. Those who only clung to a religious belief system because of obligation, family, or cultural expectations are falling by the wayside. No longer are people guilted into belief but neither are they presented with only a narrow set of choices on what to believe. That means that those who stick around the church tend to be those who really believe what they are hearing or are looking for something to believe.

When we truly, radically love God and love people, those around us will ask “why?”